Friday, October 8, 2010

Here's Lookin' At You!

We Honor Our Members

I have been wanting to make this site an inclusive and welcoming site for our members and anyone interested in good healthy organic and local food sources. I am not the worlds most up to date person nor am I good at creating fancy bells and whistles blog sites. I am most interested in making sure our members and future members know how important they are in this process and making sure the blog reflects that philosophy. Every time we receive a compliment from one of our members we always think about how much of a privilege it is to be able to provide our members with filled bags of healthy vegetables not "Dirty" ones. Yes, that is a word I am hearing these days for pesticide sprayed vegetables. Doctors are now advising on the most "Dirty" vegetables and the least "Dirty" vegetables and how often to consume them. I suppose, we will be saying these things about our genetically modified salmon soon, not that our fish supply isn't in peril already. The good news is that instead of training people how to eat dirty vegetables and limiting their fish consumption we can say: "Eat all of our vegetables you want and as much as you want!"

I have digressed. I have started taking photos and getting permission from some of our members to post their photos. I am always proud of our members and thankful for them. I am putting up the few photos I got on our last delivery. Each of our members will have a photo up on the blog, if they want, as soon as I can snap the photos.