Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Membership Details: 2012 Season

Hollow Pumpkin C.S.A has two sections. Our
Summer/Fall section runs from June through November (to Thanksgiving), 24 weeks of share distribution.
Our Winter/Spring section runs from January through March and there will be distributed every other week over the three month period which means there will be 6 distribution days.
Anyone who is interested may purchase either section individually or both sections together and have organically grown fresh local produce from Hollow Pumpkin C.S.A. for most of the year. (Details Below)
Summer/Fall Section
The growing season for the farm during the Summer/Fall section of Hollow Pumpkin C.S.A is 26 weeks. We leave 2 weeks wiggle room to make adjustments due to possible weather and any other of Mother Nature's issues that can possibly occur. The distribution of shares will consist of 24 weeks within the period of June through November.
We have a chart available for those of you who would like to see the estimated produce expectations for this section of the 2012 season. It lists the vegetables and fruits Hollow Pumpkin Farm grows and tells you which months we will be distributing them. If you would like a copy please email us at: We will email a copy to you.

$660.00 = full share (approximately 12-20 lbs or $27.50 worth of produce)
$360.00 = half share (approximately 5-10 lbs or $15.00 worth of produce)
Early Turnip Special: (Pay, in total, for your share before January 1st 2012 and receive a discount.)

You may also opt to make convenient installments: (Discounts not applicable)
Full Share: Down payment: $330.00
Pay by May 1st: $110.00
Pay by June 1st: $110.00
Pay by July 1st: $110.00
Half Share: Down payment: $180.00
Pay by May 1st: $60.00
Pay by June 1st: $60.00
Pay by July 1st: $60.00
Winter/Spring Section
The Winter/Spring section of Hollow Pumpkin C.S.A. will work a bit differently than the longer Summer/Fall section. We will be distributing two weeks worth of seasonal vegetables every other week over a three month period, from December through February. This will mean there will be 6-7 distribution days. Many of the vegetables will be items that may be kept in your refrigerator for at least two weeks or more.
The estimated seasonal produce over this period of time may consist of: Storage vegetables like sweet potatoes, butternut squash and beets; Root vegetables like carrots and parsnips. Other vegetables we estimate we will have are: Cabbage (red and green), broccoli, leeks, kale, chard, spinach, oriental greens (like Bok choy and tat soi), salad greens (lettuces), green onions, parsley and dill. We will have a chart available soon. You may expect to see 5 to 6 varieties of produce in you bag. The cost for the Winter/Spring shares will be $180.00.
If you decide to join, Please make checks payable to: Hollow Pumpkin C.S.A. and mail to: Hollow Pumpkin C.S.A., C/O Steve Smith and Fran Jaffe, 3075 Nash Rd. Anna Illinois, 62906. Include your contact information: Name, address, email, phone number and specify half or whole share. Upon receipt of payment you will receive email conformation.
If you would like to contact us for more information or to schedule a visit to the farm please email: